January 2013 LCC Staff Dev

This section of the blog provides you with a range of activities and resources to support the use of technology within your role. Please work through these activities at your own pace and support your colleagues where possible in order to make the most of this session.

  • Click the start button and locate the Google Chrome browser
  • Paste the following link in to Google Chrome to access the LCC 14-19 Partnerships Wiki: http://bit.ly/X44jre
  • When prompted login in to Google using your personal gmail account (if you do not have one either create one or username: lccpartnerships@gmail.com / password: ********)

Flip chart responses

Tom Barrett has facilitated the crowd sourcing of ideas using the range of Google Apps (using a Google presentation). If you need some inspiration or ideas check out the series of interesting way presentations below. You can also see his blog here and in particular the interesting ways page.

2 responses to “January 2013 LCC Staff Dev”

  1. Leo Robinson says :

    hello I am interested in social media targeting at local areas. Do you work in Leeds? LCC for Leeds City College?

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