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Class Wars: Initial steps in to the fray

A colleague of mine recently shared a paper he had published that looks at behaviour management, teacher training, and outlines some challenges the modern day teacher may face. It proposes some different strategies available to teachers in addressing some of these issues from the perspective of a mentor. I felt the paper was a very interesting read, however the author did acknowledge my feedback that further research in to a whole organisational approach towards behaviour management would influence the behaviour of individuals, as often problems are systemic and not isolated to one teacher. The paper can be found here.


AppQuiz for iPAD

Whilst shopping at the weekend I called in to the O2 store and came across a product called appQuiz. In short it was simply an iPad dock with 4 buttons that allowed four people to complete a quiz game. I thought it had huge potential was a learning activity however after further enquiry it seemed you were limited to the quiz questions set by the app. I’m therefore keeping my eye out for other similar products online.