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Teacher Training and Technologies Conference 2013

I was delighted to be asked to present at a recent Teacher Training and Technologies conference at the University of Huddersfield. There were some excellent sessions delivered throughout the day including a WebCast and an iPAD workshop. The session I was asked to deliver built on a previous workshop i delivered back in November. The focus was around Technology for Sustainable Learning. I attempted to outline a range of approaches that I had tried an tested over recent months with the hope that everyone took away at least one thing they could try in their home institution. Please find a link to the resources available from the day here.


LSIS Y&H Regional Sustainability Event @ Leeds City College

I was fortunate to attend a fantastic event hosted at Leeds City College (thanks to Georgiana Weatherill – Regional Sustainability Advisor / College Sustainability Manager). The morning started with a presentation from Maria Gilling (Principal – Walsall Adult Community College) which described her experience of becoming a ‘Green Leader‘ and WACC journey of implementing a whole organisational approach to sustainability.

The following ‘Curriculum’ based workshop was delivered by Sheri-Leigh Miles (ESD Solutions) who asked groups to explore what they could do to influence ESD outcomes within their organisations.

After lunch I delivered a workshop looking at the use of technology for sustainability. The emphasis was on the revised Ofsted CIF 2012 and how technology could be used to support the sustainability agenda. Thanks to Kathy Boyer (JISC) and Lewis Carr (Leeds City College) who provided the mobile devices and supported this workshop.

A Prezi resource was created and the link shared to allow delegates to disseminate within their organisations. A short presentation was followed by time to ‘have a go’ in which groups collaborated on Google Documents, posted on Wall Wisher, and explored the potential of YouTube video editor and Sound Cloud for T,L,A.