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RebelMouse (Social Media Aggregator)

Can you imagine entering a shopping centre in which the stores contained half full or even empty shelves? Most people (including myself) would either leave or not enter in the first place!

In my opinion this is the same problem with many VLEs in Schools and Colleges. The content is often dated, if there at all. On better courses the better content might include a PowerPoint or maybe a link to a video clip.

When you ask colleagues why they don’t update their courses many often come back with the age old (not enough time) excuse. In reality this is not the case as uploading several files a day / week doesn’t take much time, its the production of content that does.

RebelMouse is a social media aggregator that helps provide an automated solution to this problem. It is still in Beta stage however I have created a couple of ‘home pages’ to aggregate news from a range if public services relevant to my curriculum. I then embedded this within my Moodle course. The test will be now whether this engages people to ‘check out’ the content which is live, direct from the public services themselves, and doesn’t require me to use any more of my precious (time).

Another thought is whether a page could be created for a group of learners to collaborate their tweets, views or ideas about their course, class or topic. I foresee lots of potential for professional development here….