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MIT Media Labs

After reading technology magazines such as WIRED and STUFF there is often reference to innovative developments from MIT Media Labs. A couple that caught my eye this week I have explored below. If these are the innovations of tomorrow, then maybe we should consider these when considering the development or teaching and learning strategies.

QR to VR: The SMARTCODE REBOOTED (Article p.40). In summary a Video Response (VR) are imperceptible to humans but can be picked up by SMART phone cameras. Therefore by scanning a VR display additional information including images, articles and links can be recognised by your SMART phone.

iPhone/iPAD APP: Cardiio is a great demonstration of the power of SMART devices which huge potential for teaching and learning. This app is able to calculate your heart rate within 3bpm of a clinical pulse oximeter using a light level/reflection algorithm. Poh has also invented a mirror which uses augmented reality that overlays information about your health. Lots of potential for Sport curriculum or even health and well-being checks for staff and students.