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A great way to develop online learning materials for free using an ipad.

Enhanced Assignment Support using Aurasma

I first started to explore the use of augmented reality within education some time ago. More recently i combined it with short assignment support video i created using VideoScribe. In short, I produced a short video that helped students to ensure they fully understand the assessment method, criteria and structure of their assignment. Using Aurasma I linked an image of the assignment brief to the short video clip. Student were impressed with the results especially when using an IPAD in class.


Teacher Training and Technologies Conference 2013

I was delighted to be asked to present at a recent Teacher Training and Technologies conference at the University of Huddersfield. There were some excellent sessions delivered throughout the day including a WebCast and an iPAD workshop. The session I was asked to deliver built on a previous workshop i delivered back in November. The focus was around Technology for Sustainable Learning. I attempted to outline a range of approaches that I had tried an tested over recent months with the hope that everyone took away at least one thing they could try in their home institution. Please find a link to the resources available from the day here.

Google forms for assessment (revisited)

I have used Google forms for some time now however recently I started to explore other ways they could be used. This post reflects on one recent approach whereby I designed a form that could be used to assess student presentations. The structure of the form was such that once submitted the spreadsheet sitting behind the form would contain the relevant and more importantly personalised feedback required for learners to improve their work. This major benefit for this in terms of Individual and Group presentations is that the form can be designed to not only state what they have included or not but also includes things to consider in order to improve. I also included reference to assessment criteria, whether it was fully achieved or partially achieve, and what the other all grade was. The final section allowed for feedback on oracy, spelling, punctuation, grammar and presentation delivery/style. Already a colleague Lee Chapman has began to take this one step further in terms of adding the paragraph section for even more focused feedback or comments that need to be made.

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