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360 Panorama Occipital

I used the 360 app for the IPAD to capture a 360 panoramic image of the Leeds University Gryphon sports centre prior to a practical sports lesson.

This is great for planning for, or reflecting on, the use of a given learning space or environment. One example could be considering risk assessment considerations. Another could be looking at the positions of athletes or performers in a given sport.




Twitter for note taking using mobile devices (and learning outside the classroom)

Last week I explored the use of Twitter in a class setting. Whilst watching a short documentary, learners were provided with an opportunity either take notes (with a pen and paper) or to use their mobile devices and send a Tweet. Hashtags were created and displayed on the whiteboard. The group often tell me they are constantly on Twitter and therefore i assumed they would take advantage of this opportunity. Unfortunately on reflection it was evident that the group preferred to take written notes! When i questioned their preferences/choice the main reason for lack of engagement was the fact that they saw their Twitter accounts as personal and did not wish to ‘Tweet’ about College work. On reflection I can fully understand this especially as the group was predominantly 16-18 year olds.

Fortunately I did attempt to lead by example and therefore was tweeting key facts and information throughout the documentary. In addition a colleague across the City also engaged with the activity (without being prompted) and he also managed to include professional sports players in the discussion. Learners were particularly intrigued that ‘other people’ were interested in what we were doing….. so maybe this approach can be revisited after setting up College Twitter accounts for my students?

visibletweets.com was used to display the # commentary (see slideshow below).

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Google forms for assessment (revisited)

I have used Google forms for some time now however recently I started to explore other ways they could be used. This post reflects on one recent approach whereby I designed a form that could be used to assess student presentations. The structure of the form was such that once submitted the spreadsheet sitting behind the form would contain the relevant and more importantly personalised feedback required for learners to improve their work. This major benefit for this in terms of Individual and Group presentations is that the form can be designed to not only state what they have included or not but also includes things to consider in order to improve. I also included reference to assessment criteria, whether it was fully achieved or partially achieve, and what the other all grade was. The final section allowed for feedback on oracy, spelling, punctuation, grammar and presentation delivery/style. Already a colleague Lee Chapman has began to take this one step further in terms of adding the paragraph section for even more focused feedback or comments that need to be made.

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Soundcloud for assessment

I have used Soundcloud for some time now to listen to music compilations as many of my friends share mixes via social media. More recently I begun to explore the potential of this service with assessment and feedback. Simply create and account, upload an audio recording, and tag/comment throughout the audio recording where learners meet certain assessment criteria. Setting the files to private as opposed to public is an essential option to stop people searching and locating your file – however a ‘secret link’ is available which you can then share with your students for personalised feedback. This method significantly improves the validity and integrity of assessment methods, feedback is personalised and replies can be added to comments, and it can also be made available for standardisation of external verification exercises remotely by sharing the secret link (if sampled). Even better is the fact that you can access the file and feedback on your SMART Phone (I have tried the iPhone) so let me know if it works on android devices.