The annual photography exhibition is now open at Leeds City College, Joseph Priestley Campus, Morley. Some excellent examples of learner work on display. Credit to Mike Dean and James Kowaczs (tutors) and thanks to Abby Rollinson (Marketing) for hosting this event. Well done guys.





One response to “Photography”

  1. James Kowacz says :

    This year we saw a huge improvement in our learners work and i believe this was mainly down to two things. Firstly we changed the course we taught, moving from L1 Creative Crafts Photographt to L1 Photography, which meant there was a module about digital editing using Photoshop and secondly we asked the learners to have their work printed professionally.

    The learners really got into the digitial editing and were craving for more and more, some of them had told they had spent hours on the computer editing one image. This is not a requirement of the course but the dedication and passion that we get from learners.

    When we came to looking at having photographs printed by professional printers, I think everyone was suprised by how cheap it was (even beating the price you pay at Asda and Boots!) and how much better the quality was. If you are a student at the college or just interested in getting better quality prints, look into this.

    The exhibition opening was a huge success again this year and the college was full of people who had come to see the work. The feedback we received from friends and family of our learners, as well as staff at the college was brilliant and the photography exhibition is something that everyone looks forward to each year.

    I look forward to our next cohort of learners next year where we can build on the success we have had and possibly even improve the quality of the work that students produce – our expectations are limitless!

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