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This page aims to share best practice within the Health, Social and Childcare faculty in particular around the use of Technology to Enhance Learning.

Key questions:

1) Why should we engage with the TEL agenda?

2) What barriers do we need to overcome?

3) What best practice is already happening?





9 responses to “Health, Social & Childcare”

  1. healthsocialteacher says :

    1) Why should we engage with the TEL agenda?

    We are preparing learners for work in the 21st century and all workplaces now embrace new technology to improve work systems and productivity, including health & social care environments. I envision it won’t be long before nurses and social workers carry tablet computers for inputting client data, accessing notes and communicating with other professionals involved in the person’s care – we need our learners to be ready for this.

    2) What barriers do we need to overcome?

    Typically education is poorly funded and we don’t have the lastest technology to use in our classrooms – if all students were issued with a tablet computer for example, there would be endless possibllities for using these both in lessons and outside. Learners can use their own technology but we really need every learner to have access to the same level of technology regardless of their personal economic circumstances.

    I did have a seperate facebook page for contacting my learners – it had none of my personal details on, just the details of college and I used it to remind learners of assignment deadlines. post news stories and youtube cliops relelvant to their course and chase up absent learners. However, I closed it down as I was concerned about safeguarding issues – although I had no personal info or photos on there, I could access the learners personal profiles and I felt this was not appropiate. If a similar platform to facebook could be set up where students could have a student profile with only college related info on this would be a good way around the probelm.

    3) What best practice is already happening?

    I have to confess, from my point of view, not a lot – I need to start thinking of more creative ways to use technology in my lessons.

    Katherine Harris

    • jonnywathen says :

      Hi Katherine

      Firstly – well done on being the first to reply. Let’s hope this inspires others to engage with this agenda.

      Secondly I think you have raised some great points for discussion. I think I agree with your response to Q1 and you will possibly find alot of professionals are already using these devices now!

      Q2 I also agree we have many challenges to overcome especially around equity and accessibility. All I would say is that we will always be trying to level the playing field but will we ever get there?

      I mentioned yesterday about learners to ‘Bring Your Own Devices’. A lot of discussion at the moment is around this theme and I have to agree that learners often do prioritise the latest gadget over lots of other things.

      The college is current developing a social media strategy so what this space. Personally I think social networking has tremendous potential- and it seems your already on board with that!

      Q3) let me know what you would like to try as I’m sure you have lots of ideas.


  2. Sharon Z says :

    1. Why should we engage with the TEL agenda?

    The world of technology is increasing and being incorportated into all areas of work including health and social care. Employers often complain that education is failing learners in preparing them in the skills needed in employment. If we engage this in the classroom it will increase learner’s skills ready for work.
    Some learners are more able than others with the technology and for some it is a natural part of their life. Therefore, for some learners this will be an easier way of learning and it will breakdown barriers to learning for some.

    2) What barriers do we need to overcome?

    I think the biggest barrier is I don’t know what to do!!! If i don’t feel confident I won’t try it with the students.

    3) What best practice is already happening?

    I do try to put things on moodle for learners, time is an issue here. I have also got learners to submit assignments through moodle and I’ve marked these electronically. There were several teething issues with this and I went back to paper copies.

    • jonnywathen says :

      Thanks Sharon, again some really interesting points made.

      I think there is maybe an opportunity to promote peer learning and support by asking learners to complete a task or activity using whatever technology they like… Or feel comfortable with… for example some may prefer searching the web on laptops whilst others could use their phones.

      The second point you make is about learner engagement. Learners regularly use text / instant messaging and social networking as a primary method of communication.

      In terms of supporting you to develop I think I can help with some things but equally Colleagues and Learners alike can also support your development.

  3. Elizabeth Evans says :

    we should engage with TEL as technology is the future and if we are not prepared to engage and move with this then we will be left behind. Education is changing and having to change to meet the demands of buisness and comapnies who are demanding workers and graduates that are skilled in techniques related to ICT and if we do not engage to supply these as an FE college we will be left behind with others prepared to taker on the mantle and run with it.
    Society is also changing and the push for all children now is to be competative with their friends on having the latest gadgets and smart technology and away slightly from fashion etc.

    The biggest barrer we see at the moment in college certainly is the fact that not everyone has access to the sae technology and money ie most students have a mobile phone but they do ot all have a network that gives them free texts etc. Also there are some families out there that still do ot have access to computers and to broadband networks due to finances and for use in colleges unless we are supplying the products this is aleays going to be a barrier for some students.

    The other barrier is the fact that many of the students know more than the staff and this can frighten staff somewhat and this means that they may not be as prepared to embrace the technology (technophobes)

    Use of You tube videos to enhance lessons, using smart board for students to thought shower on… use of laptops and computers, tutors marking using word review and feedback being given electronically. Using moodle to colect and return assignements (not always successfully) Use of photographs and sharing practice that is going on in primary and secondary schools that we have students from and work closely with.

  4. jonnywathen says :

    Thanks Liz. Your right! The bar is continuously been raised and we need to keep ahead of the game. Those who don’t will be left behind….

    Bob Harrison makes some very good points in last weeks TES

    Also lots of interesting discussion on and have you seen the LCC Festival of Learning blog?

    The points you have raised about accessibility are valid and true, and we must not loose sight of these issues, that said, most people with mobile phones do have access to free text messages for instance. The video we watched suggests that by 2014 mobile internet will take over desktop internet. Towards the end of 2012 will be the roll out of 4G networks (which is basically mobile broadband) and one of the conditions of which ever company gets the contract is for 95% coverage across to country. What does this mean… it means that if the average mobile contract is two years by 2014 this will be one of the primary tools used for accessing learning material.

    In the mean time we must continue to use available resources, and take advantage of College WiFi. In addition we can explore where possible the use of learners own devices and the use of 3G connectivity. Please could your teams support and promote the learner connectivity survey which aims to provide us with a snapshot picture of where we are now and where we need to be taking this agenda in the future. The link is on the

  5. jonnywathen says :

    Hi Liz, Sharon, Katherine (and others)

    Thought it would be interesting to see how the initial session I delivered and the subsequent staff development session have moved things forward in the department over the last 6 weeks? Remember I am available to support individuals or teams with specific requests if needed.

    It would be also good to hear from others in the team so please encourage your colleagues to post on to the blog.


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