Interactive Lesson Planner

The blog supports an LSIS funded project entitled ‘Interactive Lesson Planning Tool’. In summary the project set out to explore how ‘Technology Enhanced Learning’ strategies could improve the teaching and learning experience for Level 3 Fast Track Electrical Students at Leeds City College, and what impact this would have on retention.

Paul, Mark and Alan supported by Jonny initially completed a Staff Survey. This survey looked at the currently levels of expertises and associated skills sets of the staff team. In additional Level 3 Electrical students also completed a Learner Survey to identify current practices and consider future opportunities.

The implementation of ideas and approaches started shortly after the February half term break and ran until the Easter holidays. During the time the group met on several occassions to discuss progress and consider next steps. To support the staff team they were issued with Acer tablet devices complete with Windows 7.

LSIS website link here.

3 responses to “Interactive Lesson Planner”

  1. Paul Courtney says :

    A opportunity arose during a session to use the tablet supplied. I had the group working from a PowerPoint but one student questioned something from a previous session, so I fired up the tablet PC logged onto the college network and then Moodle, brought up the presentation from a previous session and did one to one support. It went really well especially as it didn’t disturb the rest of the group.

    Previous we had used the camera in the tablet for both video and still photography. This could have been better as the camera on the tablet was very slow. we did get something recorded but after reviewing it decided to delete it.

    I have set up an account on to enable us to share media, and anything that is good enough will get uploaded to Moodle (or linked).

    I think that this project would have been better if it had run earlier in the year as there is a lot of revision taking place at the moment.

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  2. Paul Courtney says :

    We tried the textwall but with this cohort the ‘teenage boy’ made it not too practical, possibly with other groups I could see a use for this tool.

    Some students are not very quick at writing nad have poor note taking skills, so some have taken to taking photos of the whiteboard and refering to it. Also I have let some of them use their Smartphones to log into Moodle and access resources that I have shared. These resources are mainly PowerPoints and PDF documents which I have tried to keep the file size as small as possible so that they are more friendly to Smartphones and the students’ data tariff.

    I intend using students to create small video clips and for these to be held on Youtube or on a Cloud. I may elect to use my own iPhone or the students’ Smartphones to create the images.

    Cheers, Paul 🙂

  3. jonnywathen says :

    Some great examples of TEL practices here Paul. I have to say i felt the staff team engaged really well and some were already effectively using technology without thinking which is great! The challenge now is to sustain this momentum and continue to share ideas as the rate and pace of change as you know is exponential.

    The example you gave of using the tablet to provide one to one support for an individual who was questioning a previous session this is an excellent example of differentiation in practice. I also liked the fact that some learners chose to take pictures rather than notes… I wonder how much learning time has been wasted by people writing notes down!

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