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This section of the blog contains example of learning innovation and technology enhanced learning in practice. Please add hyperlinks to other examples of universal best practice.



  • Bob Harrison – Teaching Schools Advisory Board

3 responses to “Projects & Presentations”

  1. jonnywathen says :

    Above you will find hyperlinks to blog pages details a range of recent case studies in action. Some of these are still ‘live’ projects therefore please feel free to comment or leave feedback.

  2. Daniel Grimes says :

    In the ICT department we found using wiki’s was a really good way of getting learners to collaborate on a shared space, interactive posters using glogster, game style quizzes using zondle was also good.
    In another session we used youtube to watch videos of the Apprentice from the BBC and then tried to do better than those on the Apprentice had done, the episode was about creating a breakfast cereal and an appropriate branding and ad campaign. This was a really good session on enterprise which can utilise storyboard software for creating their ad campaign and then perhaps using their phones to record their ad campaign too. Presentation software can then be used for when they want to pitch their idea to the group.
    We’ve also used interactive spreadsheets using the interactive whiteboard to get learners to drag their answers around the screen.
    We also used a resource called whack the penguin where learners hit a penguin over a distance using a Powerpoint based game and then record their answers in a spreadsheet creating averages, sums, IF statements etc, bit more fun than normal spreadsheets.
    Another Excel related activity is the Smarties exercise where we (generously!) buy our learners some Smarties, they count them up and then as a group bring the results together and create charts based on this information.

  3. Jonny Wathen says :

    Excellent Daniel this is definately an example of maximising naturally occuring opportunities in terms of technology enhanced learning! Keep up the good work!

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