Enhanced Assignment Support using Aurasma

I first started to explore the use of augmented reality within education some time ago. More recently i combined it with short assignment support video i created using VideoScribe. In short, I produced a short video that helped students to ensure they fully understand the assessment method, criteria and structure of their assignment. Using Aurasma I linked an image of the assignment brief to the short video clip. Student were impressed with the results especially when using an IPAD in class.



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2 responses to “Enhanced Assignment Support using Aurasma”

  1. Paula Kilburn says :

    Hi Jonny

    I have been looking at how Augmented Reality can support learners – one of the ways we have been looking at is through the use of AR hand outs. A trigger image on the hand out will play an animation or presentation giving learners the opportunity to review what went on in class or to give extra explanation of what you want them to do/learn. An example of this is to have an assessment hand out with questions relating to health and safety legislation – a wordle is placed on the hand out to give learners some of the key words/concepts to help them answer the questions but this also acts as the trigger image which when scanned will take them to an animated presentation reviewing the legislation and key points. Other ideas could include a review of how to work out dimensions on a work sheet or an animation of meiosis for biology revision. We also have augmented posters in Hospitality so learners can review how to fold napkins different ways or how to prepare an Irish coffee – AR provides learning on demand and at point of need.

  2. jonnywathen says :

    This is great Paula – I hope this will give people the confidence and some ideas to explore the possibilities of AR to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.

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