Social Media for measuring communications and impact

Although social media has created a channel of communication that is unprecedented it is sometimes difficult measure the impact of social media whether it be positive or negative. Recently I have set up a range of social media accounts to support me in my role as 14-19 Partnerships Curriculum Area Manager. The potential benefit of been able to communicate anytime and where with audiences has been fantastic. A few examples of the features i have been exploring are detailed below.

Facebook: After setting up and launching your ‘Page’ the first task is to regularly add some appropriate content. As you would expect the relevance of this content determines the virality of the post. “Facebook defines Virality as: “The percentage of people who have created a story from your Page post out of the total number of unique people who have seen it”. Creating stories can be from Likes, Comments, and Shares of content. Essentially, the more people engage with your content in relation to how many unique people have seen it determines a particular post’s Virality.” according to Edgerankchecker.

The first challenge is to get 30 ‘Likes’ as this unlocks the ‘Insights’ feature. The slideshow below includes a picture of this screen. You can view ‘Insight’ reports which provide interesting data on who is access what posts when. This is automatically split between gender, age group, location, device to name but a few.

One other feature i have explored is the advertising section. You can create your own campaigns, set a marketing budget, specify your target audience based on location etc and let facebook do the hardwork! Again automatic reports are produce in terms of audience ‘Reach’, and activity such as who has clicked for more information, and ultimately who has joined the group, liked the page, or intended to come to your event.

Twitter: I was recommended to check out the page and start to try some of the operators which allow you to focus you searches. One of the most powerful operators i found was:

near:Leeds within:10i sent within 10 miles of “Leeds”.

this allows anyone even those without a Twitter account to find Tweets and People who have tweeted within a certain area/location. This has huge potential for targeted marketing campaigns and location based trending topics. Let me know how you use other operators!

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