Google forms for assessment (revisited)

I have used Google forms for some time now however recently I started to explore other ways they could be used. This post reflects on one recent approach whereby I designed a form that could be used to assess student presentations. The structure of the form was such that once submitted the spreadsheet sitting behind the form would contain the relevant and more importantly personalised feedback required for learners to improve their work. This major benefit for this in terms of Individual and Group presentations is that the form can be designed to not only state what they have included or not but also includes things to consider in order to improve. I also included reference to assessment criteria, whether it was fully achieved or partially achieve, and what the other all grade was. The final section allowed for feedback on oracy, spelling, punctuation, grammar and presentation delivery/style. Already a colleague Lee Chapman has began to take this one step further in terms of adding the paragraph section for even more focused feedback or comments that need to be made.

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2 responses to “Google forms for assessment (revisited)”

  1. Lee Chapman says :

    Thank you for the idea. I have been looking for a way to provide fast but quality individual feedback, with out having to write the same information over and over again. My first attempt has worked well allowing me to mark a report style assignment with ease.

    • jonnywathen says :

      Thanks Lee – I think having seen some of your work yesterday I have been inspired to ‘see what else’ can be done with this approach. I think its about striking a balance between personalised feedback vs not too time consuming to construct or use.

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