Staff Development @ Leeds City College

Another fantastic TEL session with colleagues from Health and Social Care and Childcare department at LCC Joseph Priestley Campus. After providing an update for the team in relation to Digital Leaders developments and the progress with a College social media policy it was time to ‘have a go’ with some activities.

  1. Wall Wisher is a fantastic free tool that can enhance curriculum development and business support processes alike. The potential for collaborative planning, communication and assessment is endless. The team began by posting their thoughts and ideas on how they could use this tool to enhance their teaching, learning and assessment activities to a wall For those who were feeling adventurous attempts were made to post images and videos from the internet to make a more aesthetically pleasing wall.
  2. Activity two introduced the concept of setting up a You Tube channel as a central resource for your area. An example of how Ricky McCosh has done this can be found . In addition their is a lot of potential with the video editor feature available on the YouTube website. An example of how this can be used can be seen here
  3. Next we looked at how personal learning networks are becoming increasingly important for staff and students alike. A brief introduction to Twitter was provided and a demonstration of the potential was displayed using the projector and hashtag #lcclearn21c. Keith Tellum also provided another aesthetically pleasing method to view associated #tags using visibletweets
  4. The final aspect of the session was to introduce the TEL Passport. Many staff were apprehensive about where they were currently at in terms of e-confidence however after a brief discussion many felt assured that they were possibly working at a higher level than they first thought. Further one to one sessions or small group sessions are to be scheduled over the summer to acredit competencies.

Indviduals used the afternoon to review the LCC Festival of learning blog and associated content looking at alternative approaches to curriculum development and design. Some staff entered the competition to win a digital camera whilst others left feedback on the mornings session. Well done to all in attendance!

sharon wheeler July 4, 2012 @ 11:03 am
had a really good session on wall wisher, jonny made it seem inspiring and really useful, first thought was i would never get the hang of this but i did manage to make a wall.

Lucy Bain July 4, 2012 @ 11:13 am
Thanks to Jonny for his support and enthusiasm in sharing this morning!
andrea mccabe July 4, 2012 @ 11:04 am


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